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Convert confused shoppers into confident buyers

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Some of the biggest challenges facing consumer electronics businesses are:

  • How to translate technical product specs into language that all customers understand
  • Highest return rates and large volumes of customer service requests
  • Eroding customer loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Fragmented buying journeys that offer minimal insights

of shoppers desire expert online advice & recommendations

of online shoppers abandon purchases

switch to a competitor with an easier online customer experience

The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Platform

zoovu is the easiest and most powerful way to enable conversation-based selling across all channels, enabling you to:

  • Translate technical product features into needs-based language
  • Increase average order value (AOV) and CLV
  • Reduce returns and customer service requests
  • Real-time reporting and deep insights into customer personas, product preferences and sales performance

Our Consumer Electronics clients see

107% uplift in Conversion Rate

67% increase in CTR

96% of website visitors engage with a digital assistant

Want to know how zoovu can help you?

Our clients include:

Printer Finder

Camera Selector

Lens Selector

Office Suite Assistant

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The Ultimate AI Conversational Platform