Give your customer experience a makeover

Replicate the personalization and assistance of an in-store consultant across digital channels

From makeup to mouthwash...

Retailers and brands in the health & beauty industry need to rejuvenate the digital experience to get ahead of the competition.

Here are some of the biggest challenges facing brands & retailers:

  • Keeping up with disruptor brands & short product lifecycles
  • Scaling the personalization of an in-store consultant on your digital channels
  • Increasing AOV in a highly competitive industry
  • Fragmented actionable consumer insights & product profiles

of customers will purchase via online channels by 2022

of shoppers desire expert online advice & recommendations

of shoppers abandon purchase because they are indecisive

What can zoovu do for you?

Our powerful digital consultants combine AI to build award winning experiences that:

  • Offer the personalization and assistance of an in-store consultant across your digital channels
  • Increase purchase-decision confidence by 72%
  • Increase engagement, sales and average order value with effective bundling
  • Gain deep insights into consumer profiles, needs and wants

Our clients achieve

107% uplift in conversion rate

85% higher engagement

20% average order value uplift

Now it's your turn...

Digital consultants in action

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