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More Sales and Higher Conversions for the Holidays

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The holiday season offers massive opportunity to drive conversion, sales, and revenue - if you know how.

The retail gift industry is a $475 billion-dollar market you don’t want to ignore. In the U.S. alone, about $1 out of every $10 spent is spent on gifts.

Without the right planning, prep and execution, your business won’t be hitting any records. 

This on-demand webinar will take you through planning, launching and measuring your holiday marketing, helping you achieve more this time around. Discover how to get ahead with your holiday marketing.

You'll Learn...

How to plan, launch and measure your holiday marketing

How innovative brands like KitchenAid, Canon and Trek Bikes help to relieve the stress of gift giving

How you can leverage Conversational Marketing to increase your sales by +253% during the holidays

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Ana is a creative, experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of working with SMBs and leading corporate brands. Her passion is developing new strategies by fixing what doesn’t work, and doubling down on what does.

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