Increasing Conversion with Conversational Marketing

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Meeting the high expectations of the modern shopper has never been more challenging.

Consumers are confronted with a vast range of products, but choice doesn’t always equal conversion. 

When the latest research shows that 56% of consumers have abandoned a website purchase because it was too difficult to find the right product, what can you do to stop your company losing revenue?

You'll Learn...

How machine learning and AI could increase your consumers’ purchase-decision confidence by 81%.

How innovative brands like Canon, KitchenAid, Sky, and Clairol are using conversational marketing to drive conversion.

How Conversational Marketing can be leveraged to increase engagement and conversion by up to 107%.

The Presenters

Christopher Baldwin is a results-driven, creative individual with expertise in delivering tactical projects ranging from Marketing Communications, Content Management, Branding and GTM Strategy.

Chris Baldwin

VP of Marketing, zoovu

Sarah Assous

SVP of Marketing, zoovu

Sarah has been working in the Digital Marketing industry for over 5 years. She has a passion for innovative technologies that help companies grow their digital presence and deliver real value to today’s connected and discerning consumers.

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